How to Use Facebook Page Insights to Make Promotion More Effective

How to Use Facebook Page Insights to Make Promotion More EffectiveTo have a personal page or group on Facebook, one of the largest social networks in the world, is a must for any modern company.

But you must not think that your group or page on Facebook will start bringing your profit as soon as you create it. Promotion on Facebook will never be effective without a well-thought-out and consistent strategy.

This strategy must also be flexible enough because you might need to modify it at some point. How will you know that your promotion strategy needs to be altered? In order to monitor what's working or not working on your page, you can use Facebook Page Insights.

Today no one will doubt the fact that social media (with Facebook in the first place) have conquered Internet users. Therefore even if some companies don't have pages or groups on Facebook, this is going to change very soon. Moreover, companies that are not present in the most popular social networks are treated with suspicion by their potential clients. Internet users might think that if a company does not use any social networks, it has something to hide from its target audience.

Correct promotion on Facebook helps to increase the efficiency of the company’s presence on this social networking site and benefit from it. Admittedly, one should realize that this benefit will not always be material. Facebook promotion is most often as aimed at improving the company's image and making cooperation with potential and existing customers closer. Such tasks as increasing the sales level or the number of orders are secondary.

Owners of groups and pages created for sites or brands have a wide choice of Facebook promotion tools at their disposal. These tools help them to fill groups and pages with interesting and useful thematic content as well as thoroughly analyze advertising campaigns on Facebook in order to increase their effectiveness. Let us have a closer look at analytical tools because if you use them properly, you can increase the effectiveness of Facebook promotion considerably. For examples, page owners can monitor their pages on Facebook using the so-called Page Insights.

Page Insights is a powerful analytical tool that allows to track important indicators of popularity as precisely as possible. The information it provides allows to adjust your promotion strategy on Facebook when you see that it is not efficient enough and does not meet the needs of your target audience. Some statistical information concerning your posts can be seen under the posts themselves (it is available to the users who manage your page – Admins, Editors, Moderators, Advertisers, and Analysts). We are talking about post reach.

Post reach is a parameter that indicates the number of users that have seen a certain post since it has been posted. Post reach depends on a variety of factors that include (but are not limited to): posting time, the number of fans (people who liked your page), personal notification settings of every fan. Page Admins not only can see the number of post views, but have access to the information about view sources (timeline, likes tab, photos tab, info tab, external referrers etc.).

If you want to study detailed statistics of your page on Facebook, you need to click on the Insights tab that is available in the page management menu. Only Admins have access to the Page Insights. Page Insights provides statistical information grouped according to a number of parameters including the following:

  • the number of page Likes;
  • page Likes dynamics (new paid Likes, new organic Likes, Unlikes, where Likes happen);
  • post reach during a given period;
  • general engagement of fans during a given period;
  • engagement of fans for each post;
  • demographic information about the users who visited your page: geographical location, gender, age etc.

If you take into account statistical date provided by Facebook Page Insights, you will be able to promote your group more effectively. For example, you can learn when your fans are online (Insights → Posts). This information will help you to determine the best time to post so that your posts will be seen by the largest number of fans. You can also learn what post types have the largest average reach and engagement. Using this information, you can choose the most popular and successful post type that will help you to connect with you audience.

If you want to promote your business or brand on Facebook effectively, you need to learn how to use Facebook Page Insights properly. Simply having access to information is not enough. You need to draw conclusions from this information and use them wisely. If you are not confident in your ability to analyze statistical information, you had better entrust promotion on Facebook and other social networking sites to a professional web studio. Experienced SMM specialists can create the most effective promotion strategy for each individual case.



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