How to Become a Model

How to Become a ModelThe models who have become the standards of beauty and work with the world's brands have fascinated many women and men, dreaming of destiny like that. Do you also want to walk down a catwalk and to be surrounded by photographers? AnydayGuide will dwell upon how to become a model.

Some modern designers want certain models to present their collections. Not all the models are certainly honored like that. First you should succeed in a casting call, make a good showing, and attract professionals' attention. Well, what do you need to become a model?

It is not right to think that the profession of a model does not need any special education. Though you won't apply your knowledge of maths or other science, you will have to improve yourself. Actually modeling is not easier than other activities. Moreover, be ready for constant stress, as many models are not ready for difficulties morally and give up after facing them.

Proper appearance is the main requirement for the models. If you do not have at least one of the following features, it is almost impossible for you to get to the fashion industry. The first criterion is height. Women should be higher then 5 feet 7 inches. Men should be 5 feet 11 inches or even higher.

It is important to consider constitution. Women should meet the following requirements: 35-inch hips, 24-inch waist. The breast size is not important if the matter does not concern lingerie. A man should have athletic shapes and expressive features. Tattoos, piercing and scars for both women and men are forbidden. Do not forget to take care of your appearance and health. Go to the gym and beauty salons, eat healthy food.

Do not think that only appearance is important for the career of a model. If you want to succeed, develop yourself, be purposeful, sociable, and charismatic. You will have to communicate with designers, attend model agencies, get acquainted with famous people in the world of fashion. All of these are possible if you are an interesting self-confident person that's why use all the chances to get useful skills (attend master classes and trainings).

There are two ways to become a model. The first way is rather simple, but it is not good for everyone. A model agent notices a person of model appearance and offers him or her a job. The second one is more practical. You should participate in casting calls. But how to increase your chances?

Enter the School of modeling or attend special courses. You should also create your own portfolio with professional shots.

Dress tastefully and smile when you visit a model agency. If you are rejected, don't give up. Keep trying and a model agency will offer you to sign a contract.