Etiquette in Different Countries

Etiquette in Different CountriesIf you are going to visit another country you should be ready for different local customs and traditions.

It means that you will probably have to give up your habits for some time in order not to get into a mess or go to jail, what is worse.

It is common knowledge that tourists who visit Muslim or Buddhist countries meet most difficulties. Both religions have very strict rules of social behavior that should be observed by all people of this religion. These rules are less strict for tourists, but it does not mean that improper behavior will be unnoticed.

For instance, if you slap any resident of the Southeast Asian countries on his or her head they will consider it a rude insult. In Asian countries, where Buddhism is professed, people believe that human soul is located in the head. That is why touching someone's head is considered extremely tactless. Tourists should refrain from such actions.

Traveling around the countries of the Middle East and the South Asia as well as some African countries, do not touch food with your left hand. Left hand is believed to be evil and dirty.

In Muslim countries there are very strict demands to woman’s appearance. Muslim women have to dress in such a way so that even their faces and palms are covered. Others are more free in the choice of clothing, but you'd rather refrain from revealing clothes when you go out. And it is a rude violation to put on revealing clothes when you go to a mosque.

Do not criticize the members of the royal family if you are in a monarchical country. Otherwise you will insult the residents or even go to jail.

It it worth paying special attention to the table manners. For instance, in Egypt and many other Arabian countries in a restaurant waiter will bring you second helping until you turn your cup over. This gesture means that you have eaten your fill.

If you are in China and you are going to eat using chopsticks, remember not to put them into rice vertically. It is associated with death and memorial ceremonies.

Cultural diversity is the very reason for many people to travel. That's why if you want to take full advantage of your trip to foreign countries do not be lazy to learn the rules of behavior in the chosen country so that your trip will not be spoiled.