How to Make a Healthy Breakfast

How to Make a Healthy BreakfastA lot a people like lying snug in their beds so much that they don't have time for breakfast and as a result they go to work hungry.

And this is not right as dropped breakfast is the first step to obesity. If you are trying to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, learn to cook healthy breakfast which will help you to lose weight and stay full till dinner.

In the morning our body needs energy most of all, that's why our metabolism becomes faster after awakening. If you miss your breakfast, your body will starve which will slow down your metabolism. Even if you have a substantial lunch, energy that you get from food will not be used for the whole day. In the evening you will eat a heavy meal and go to bed full which will surely lead to obesity.

It is breakfast that gives you 25-30 % of daily calories, which you will not have to distribute among other meals. And that's why follow the rule: “There is no diet without breakfast”. Change your attitude to having breakfast and you will easily lose your weight. If you also cook diet dinners, you will get rid of fear to put on weight even during the holidays.

In order to prepare a healthy breakfast you should choose foods so that the ratio of protein, fat and carbs is optimal. You must not give up fat completely because it is indispensable for metabolism of vitamins and takes part in complicated chemical processes in our body. What is more important is the choice of carbohydrates and giving up protein foods combination for breakfast.

There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Simple carbs (sweets, buns, croissants) lead to blood sugar level increase and accordingly insulin production acceleration. When you eat such food you feel an energy boost but in an hour you are hungry again. So, you had better eat dishes which contain complex carbohydrates and help you to stay full till dinner. Our body needs a lot of time to digest such dishes and moreover they don't lead to a quick blood sugar level increase.

Cereals and grains are the most common source of complex carbohydrates (with the exception of rice and semolina) and they are perfect for breakfast. And if you add berries and fruit, nuts and some honey, your porridge will be not only tasty, but healthy.

Sandwiches with whole-grain bread are an excellent substitute for porridge for a healthy breakfast. Substitute sausage and cheese for meat or light cottage cheese made by yourself. You can vary the taste of your sandwich with vegetables such as salad, cucumbers, tomatoes. Do not forget to use kitchen herbs which are not only tasty but also healthy.

As you will have a long day don't be afraid to put some oil in your food for breakfast. If you decide to cook vegetable salad for breakfast, add a spoon of a cold-pressed olive oil. And if you can't go without a cup of tea or coffee, eat a buttered slice of whole grain bread.

Breakfast should contain cultured milk products. Cottage cheese with nuts, honey or berries makes you stay full for a long time. You can also make a fruit and yogurt smoothie or try yogurt with oat flakes and fruit which will also be a wonderful start of your day.

Many people can't imagine breakfast without eggs. Eggs are excellent for breakfast, especially as they can be combined with useful carbohydrates. It is recommended that you boil eggs for breakfast or make omelet with mushrooms and zucchini. But fried eggs with bacon and cheese are not a good choice. This dish contains too much protein which is hard to digest.

Different products should complement each other so that your breakfast is really useful and dietary. Foods that contain too much protein and fruit acids are not recommended for breakfast. That's why it is better to combine fruit with cultured milk products in the morning.



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