How to Care for Phalaenopsis

How to Care for PhalaenopsisMany of us like orchids: these beautiful flowers bloom up to 6 months and don't need much care, so they are perfect indoor flowers.

But if your get one orchid, how would you care for it? What do you need to grow it indoors?

When you get your phalaenopsis, it will most likely be in a moss covered plastic pot with roots. This container is good for your flower, but the moss is not. The moss keeps roots humid, but phalaenopsis is not a plant that thrives in wet soil. To avoid having exceedingly wet soil, you should remove the moss and check the condition of bark in the pot. If it's wet, don't water your orchid for a week.

Improper watering of phalaenopsis orchids leads to their death. In wet soil roots begin to rot and that will cause your plant to wither. Remember one simple rule: water less and keep the roots moist. Allow them to dey over the course of 2-3 days and only then water your flower again.

Keep an eye on your flower to understand how often you need to water it. In hot summer days one watering in 5-7 days will be enough. And in the winter, the flower needs less water, that is why one watering in 2 weeks will be enough. If you are hesitant about whether or not to water you orchid, it is better not to. It's better to let the flower go a few days without water for 2-3 more days and prevent rotting the roots of the plant.

The roots of phalaenopsis absorb water not only from the soil, but also from the air,. That is why flower needs high humidity. Spray your flower once a day or put an air humidifier next to your orchid.

Fertilization is also important for your orchid. While the flower is in bloom, don't fertilize it. Also don't fertilize your phalaenonpsis in winter, when it doesn't grow. Spring and summer is the best time to fertilize your orchid. Use liquid fertilizer one time per two weeks after watering your flower. This will prevent roots from burning.

Orchids can't grow without bright sunlight, but they hate direct sun rays on their leaves. Keep your orchid on the windowsill so it gets enough sunlight. If you see that direct sun rays are falling on the leaves, move your flower away or keep it behind a light curtain.

Now you know how to care for orchids indoors. These tips will help you with your flower during and after blooming.