What Should a Contextual Advertising Specialist Know?

What Should a Contextual Advertising Specialist Know?Contextual advertising is one of the most popular methods of increasing popularity of websites among Internet users as well as a means of drawing target visitors to sites

In order to increase the efficiency of contextual advertising, campaigns should be carried out by professionals. What should a skilled contextual advertising specialist know?

Contextual advertising campaigns are organized with the help of such popular services as Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct. These services can be used by anyone, but they do not automatically guarantee good results. The efficiency of an advertising campaign strongly depends on professional knowledge and practical experience of the person who carries it out. Therefore experienced contextual advertising specialists enjoy high demand: they have knowledge, skills, and experience that allow them to create advertising campaigns that successfully achieve all the set tasks.

Before answering the question “What should a contextual advertising professional know?”, you should have a closer look at the list of his major tasks and duties. The main tasks of such specialists may include: advertising campaign planning, making up the list of keywords and phrases, writing texts for the ads, advertising campaign configuration, advertising campaign analysis aimed at introducing necessary changes that might increase the campaign efficiency.

It is easy to notice, that in order to perform all these tasks on at least satisfactory level, a contextual advertising specialist should not only possess deep knowledge in the realm of website promotion and Internet ads. He also needs basic skills of a copywriter, marketing specialist, analyst etc. Therefore he must be constantly studying and practicing. To consider himself a real professional he must always keep abreast of the latest trends in the sphere of web advertising.

What knowledge is especially important for a specialist engaged in contextual advertising in order to perform his job efficiency? The list may be quite impressive. For instance, such specialist must know:

  • how to optimize the landing page depending on the tasks of a particular advertising campaign;
  • how to select the most appropriate and efficient keywords and phrases for advertising campaigns;
  • how to calculate advertising campaign budget;
  • how to compose contextual ads properly;
  • how to configure contextual ad targeting;
  • how to estimate the efficiency of online ads.

Of course, advertising specialists who work with contextual ads should not only know the answers to all these questions, they must also be able to apply their knowledge in practice. Unfortunately, even experienced professionals often have to resort to the trial and error method that involves the risk of partial or even complete failure of the advertising campaign in question.