Aspen? The Swiss Alps? No, France!

Aspen? The Swiss Alps? No, France!We’re moving closer to that magical time of the year, eventually leading to beautiful, snowy landscapes in many parts of the world. When you think of such locales, typical choices include Aspen or the Swiss Alps, as they are commonly known as “Winter Wonderlands.”

Still, you might consider France a top Winter destination, with exciting lodging options such as AlpChalets Portes du Soleil that give those exquisite French summers a run for their money. Let’s look at what you can enjoy on your French winter vacation.

In Touch with Nature

If you’re into holiday parks in France, you’ll find all kinds of them. All have unique features and are located all over the country but especially near the sea. Because of that, you’ll find some more suited for summer activities, such as swimming pools and locations close to the beach.

Still, there are a great deal of winter-oriented holiday parks where you can enjoy the snow, snow sports and snow-capped mountains and forests.

L’Amour in Paris

What would be better than spending some romantic time in Paris, the City of Love? Even though it’s not usually covered by snow, the city is magical against some clear winter skies. It’s not only an ideal spot to spark some romance but also filled with activities for everybody.

You can stroll along the Seine, sip some warm wine and enjoy the iconic French pastries at cozy cafés. The Louvre, illuminated against the evening darkness, is a masterpiece worth visiting. Besides, you’ll find the city is less crowded in winter.

The French Alps

This is a hidden gem of France, as few English-speaking tourists know about it. They extend from Lake Geneva to Nice and have incredible landscapes and cultures. But those towering peaks aren’t just for sightseeing -there’s some serious skiing going on there!

Besides gliding down pristine slopes, you can enjoy the many mountain chalets in the region, including crackling fireplaces, hot cocoa and wooden interiors.

Christmas Market in Strasbourg

With its strong German tradition, Strasbourg has one of France’s oldest and most enchanting Christmas markets. With dazzling lights and the sweet scent of spiced wine, along with many delicacies, Strasbourg is everything you can expect when looking for a magical Christmas time.

There are many stands with artisans offering their handmade crafts and local food, including the unique Flammkuchen, the Alsatian version of pizza.

A Unique Experience

With everything going on in France during wintertime, you’d wonder how you didn’t think about it earlier! It’s an ideal country where this often unexploited side can mean good deals, fewer crowds and a world of enjoyment.