How to Pack Lamps for Moving

How to Pack Lamps for MovingLamps and light bulbs are fragile items and it is important to be careful while packing them. If glass is smashed, you and members of your family may get injured. You can contact professionals from Paradise Move&Storage. They know for sure how to move fragile, valuable, antique items properly. If you need to pack light bulbs by yourself, this article will help you.

What supplies you need to pack lamps for moving

Packing lighting for moving takes thoughtful planning. Start by determining and buying the items required to protect delicate goods and reduce unnecessary waste. To pack light bulbs you will need:

  • a moving box;
  • another box to fit the lamp base;
  • plastic bags;
  • packing paper;
  • bubble wrap, packing foam;
  • tape;
  • scissors;
  • markers to label the boxes;
  • old towels to wrap the lamp parts if you don’t want to waste paper and filling material.

After buying and preparing all the materials, you can start packing lamps.

Tailor packing boxes to your lamps

Not all of your lamps might fit in standard-size cartons. It makes sense to buy boxes from a moving company, so you may pick and customize boxes to match the size and form of your specific lamps. 

Whether you buy boxes on your own or in a moving company, you have to measure all of your lighting in advance.

Dismantle lamps before packing

Dismantling is the first step. It's crucial to take each unit individually. To prevent the pieces of the various lamps from mixing up, never disassemble more than one lamp at a time. 

First, unplug the lamp. After winding the cable and securing it with an elastic band, move the cap or finial at the top of the lamp that secures the lampshade on the base. Then, unscrew it and set it away. Take the lamp base apart to reveal the lampshade. Then take out the bulbs as well. 

Pack the small pieces

To ensure that anything is not misplaced during the relocation process, place the cap, shade riser, and screws in plastic bags and name them. 

Pack light bulbs

Since you don't want the light bulb moving around the house while handling the other tasks, pack it as soon as possible. Wrap the light bulb gently with bubble wrap, then tape the package. Fill up any gaps and place the bulbs in a box to prevent movement. When the time comes for shipping, don’t forget to mark it as "fragile" on boxes.

Pack lampshades

The next step is to pack lampshades. You must first separately wrap each lampshade in simple packing paper. The lampshades should not be packed with any other items. Each lampshade must be placed in its box upside down. To prevent the lampshade from shifting, cover all gaps with any kind of wrapping material. Don’t forget to check if the lampshade isn't high and can’t be smashed by be the box after closing and tapping it. squish the shade inside before taping the box shut.

Pack table lamps

Pack each component separately if your table lamp is made up of many pieces. If your lamp can’t be dismantled, pack it according to these steps:

  • wrap the cable around the lamp base;
  • to keep the cable secure, tuck the ends into the coils;
  • the light bulb should be removed and packed separately;
  • roll the lamp completely in bubble wrap, leaving extra material on the ends to protect it;
  • put the lamp upright in a box;
  • use wrapping material to fill any gaps.

If your boxes are big enough, you can put more than one lamp in one box.

Pack floor lamps

To pack floor lamps, you need to dismantle them. You need to remove the lamp bulb and pack it separately. The lamp should then be completely wrapped in a moving blanket and taped for additional security. To ensure that lamps don't move while being transported, put them flat inside the vehicle or between two large objects.

Pack a chandelier

A sturdy box that is strong enough to handle the chandelier and the packing foam surrounding it is needed when packing a chandelier. The chandelier has to be removed from the ceiling. Each piece should be properly wrapped and stored in a moving box. Next, cover any wires or cords. Put the chandelier in a box and cover with wrapping material.

Label & tape boxes

To mark where lamps are, label your boxes. Write “fragile” or “this end up” on boxes, mark what room these belongings are from. With labeling, it will be easier for movers to take care of your stuff.



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