Can You Make a Showreel Yourself? Is It Hard?

Can You Make a Showreel Yourself? Is It Hard?Showreels are pricey, so it’s no surprise you may want to do it yourself. But these five points will show why hiring a production company should remain your only viable option.

Companies and individuals make showreels to showcase their skills and abilities. It’s why you’ll find them as part of different sizes of marketing and awareness campaigns. And because they pass the message as quickly as possible, these clips are made short, to the point, and as detailed as possible. And such factors require levels of skills only experts in the video-making business possess.

But these videos can be expensive, depending on the production house you contact. Some may be tempted to make it using personally-sourced tools and resources. While this sounds appealing, there may be better options for you. And here’s why;

Why Are Showreels Made?

Before jumping to the final decision of creating your reels yourself, it helps to know why you’re making them in the first place. And while the reasons may vary from brand to individual, the core purpose of making video showreels include the following;

To Boost Awareness

Because of their short length and speed of delivering messages, a showreel presentation can spread your brand’s vision and mission faster. This factor also allows them to work in a broader aspect of media platforms, mainly social media, where viral content in short clip form dominates the traffic.

To Showcase Skill

When you create a showreel, your focus is mainly on displaying your abilities as much as possible. This means individuals can showcase their skills and capacities, while brands can express the best features of their services and products. Showreels are like a short window of marketing opportunity to the audience, showing them why they should come for your offers.

To Express Professionalism

In the business world, the most reputable names are those with the highest professional levels. This means they express this virtue with as much content and resource as possible. Showreels are a short, fast-paced avenue to do so, especially when the content and information are arranged such that the viewer can sense the effort and skill put into their work. Plus, it shows potential clients how focused and skilled you are at the avenue you’re promoting.

How are Showreels Made? Is It Hard?

The complexity of a showreel and whether you, as an individual, can create one is subjective to what you’re compiling for yours. And to know this, you must first understand how showreels are put together. To make a corporate showreel, the following need to be put in place;

  • Video recording equipment and tools,

  • A script,

  • Video editing tools,

  • Knowledge about what kind of showreels to shoot.

Gathering the knowledge involves the following tips on making showreels;

  • Keep the video short.

  • Use a powerful opening.

  • Be audience specific.

  • Choose the best scenes.

  • Use updated and relevant material.

The Bottom Line

Looking at these tools, it’s easy to assume making showreels Is a simple task. But making one yourself means you miss out on this important stuff. For starters, you can’t fully grasp all the tips needed, especially if you’re creating them for your business. And even if you do, producing a professionally edited and shot showreel requires expertise and equipment you won’t have to lie around.

It’s why you should only allocate its production duties to a professional showreel agency like Zelios Agency. With hundreds of samples to prove their experience, you can be confident your professional showreels will be plotted to suit your business and individual needs perfectly. Contact the company through email for any consultations or inquiries you may have.