Painless Applying for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Painless Applying for a Portugal Digital Nomad VisaDo you consider yourself a digital nomad? In this case, you might be thinking about applying for a Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa. So, there is a way to simplify this process. To make things as smooth as possible, you need to know what steps the procedure comprises. Feel free to study the material below then.

Step 1: Make Sure You Like the Idea of Living in Portugal

The reason that becomes a key one in attracting a certain person to live in this country can be very different. Some people are fascinated by the climate here while others know that it is convenient to work from plenty of places when being a digital nomad. You need to realize what makes you so passionate about going to Portugal. In this case, the motivation to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa and complete this process will be more than stable. 

Step 2: Discover the Opportunities to Live in Portugal

There are a ton of variants speaking of where you can stay in Portugal. By the way, it is a great idea to use popular services like Airbnb in order to find the residence that will suit you in the best way. The most important aspect here is as follows: you need to think about this matter as carefully as possible and do this in advance.

Sure, this is not going to be a problem if you already have a property in Portugal.

Step 3: Get the Necessary Documents Ready

Things are going to be far simpler when you know what stuff you need to provide. The list of documents to present for the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is rather relevant but if you have enough determination to receive this visa, you will be perfectly fine. Well, the enumeration of the docs is suggested below.

  1. Passport (it must be valid half a year after the expiration of the visa).

  2. Two passport-sized photos.

  3. Proof of address (rental agreement or statement of having property) and income (bank statement will be just fine).

  4. Cover letter (generally, it should include the reasoning of why you want to stay in Portugal, what your work activities are about, and so on).

  5. Fine criminal record. To get such a document, it is necessary to demand it with the help of interaction with the authorities in the country of your residence.

  6. Health insurance. There is a rule to follow in connection with this: it must cover at least 30,000 for the period of initial stay in Portugal.

  7. NIF. It is a Portuguese tax ID.

Apart from what is given here, the applicant also has to take care of opening a Portuguese bank account, and he needs to fill in the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa application. However, it does not occupy too much time.

Step 4: Use the Help of Online Intermediaries to Speed Up the Process

Well, you are going to be able to prepare the majority of documents that were suggested on the list without any major problems. Nevertheless, there is stuff you might not have any idea about. Normally, it is NIF and opening a bank account in Portugal.

The best way to get NIF and become the owner of a personal bank account is to ask intermediaries to help with this. In this case, you will not have to worry about anything at all, and you will receive ready stuff rather quickly.

Every reliable service provider will necessarily suggest the list of documents to present. Some of them will coincide with what you will have to present for your Digital Nomad Visa.

Step 5: Go to the Portugal Embassy and Wait for the Result

It is vital to arrange the appointment at a time that will be convenient for you. Nevertheless, in many cases, the documents can be submitted both by mail or in person.

As soon as you are done with this step, the only action you can take is to wait until your application is approved. If you receive a refusal, it will be linked to a certain reason, and there is a chance to fix it.

Note that as long as you arrive in Portugal, you will have to register your residence and complete the residence permit interview. This is obligatory and there are no exceptions to such a role.

To conclude the talk, this is what you also need to remember: it is not hard to apply for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa at all. And, things are going to be far easier if you are consistent enough. Do not hurry when doing the necessary stuff, and use the help you can. In this case, you will go through the process in a smooth and pleasant way. Break a leg!