The Benefits of Escape Rooms in Edmonton

The Benefits of Escape Rooms in EdmontonEscape rooms in Edmonton is a new and extremely popular addition to Edmonton's entertainment scene. Offering the best in interactive team building experiences, Escape rooms in Edmonton has taken a concept originally created for video games and turned it into a real-life, live action experience. A team of up to six people are locked inside a themed room with 60 minutes on the clock to solve puzzles, find clues, decode messages and uncover mysteries by working together as a team. The catch? They have to escape before time runs out!

Advantages of Escape rooms in Edmonton

1. Objective

The objective of the game is very simple: escape from the room within the time limit. However, since the puzzles are interconnected, it is really difficult to escape on your own. The best way to succeed is to work as a team, so you have to be sure that all members understand their tasks and take part in solving puzzles. When working as a team, everyone is informed about what's going on - confusion and panic are minimized.

2. Risk

Escape rooms in Edmonton hold a lot of risks for those who want to play them: you can be locked into the room with strangers; there could be dangerous tricks in place (water leaks, trap doors, locked doors, etc.); and each room is different, presenting different hazards. The person who gets out of the puzzle first is the winner.

3. Free of charge

Escape rooms in Edmonton are free of charge, so you can take as many friends as you want or even invite co-workers for a team building activity that doesn't cost you a thing - it's free! It's an experience that everyone can play together, whether they're on a budget or not. Anyone who wants to escape will have to work together as a team and solve puzzles in 60 minutes. All you have to do is pay the entrance fee.

4. Not necessarily logical thinking

As mentioned above, the puzzles are not necessarily about logical thinking. There is no order to follow nor a guidebook to consult; you have to use your intellect and money in order to solve them. Do not expect to use logic or physics in order to solve puzzles - it is all about creativity and tricks. The point of the game is that you have 60 minutes, so you have to be creative and efficient in order to beat the clock!

Escape rooms in Edmonton