Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs
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Just for Laughs (Juste pour rire) is an annual comedy festival held in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1983, it has grown to become the world’s largest international comedy festival.

The Just for Laughs comedy festival was founded in 1983 by Quebecois impresario Gilbert Rozon. Originally, it was a two-day Francophone event. Two years later, businessman and promoter Andy Nulman joined the festival’s staff and expanded the program by introducing Anglophone events as well.

Under Nulman’s leadership, the festival was expanded to a full month and was divided into two parts, with Francophone artists performing during the first half, and Anglophone artists in the second half. International and non-verbal acts (pantomimes, acrobats, etc.) are featured throughout the entire festival.

Just for Laughs is held every July. Théâtre Saint-Denis hosts major shows, including the Galas, but it is far from being the only venue. The festival’s program features numerous act that perform throughout the city. The heart of Just for Laughs is Montreal’s Quartier Latin, an area known for its artistic atmosphere, theaters, cafes and boutiques. The Quartier Latin is part of the Quartier de Spectacles, an arts and entertainment district in downtown Montreal. Many performances are filmed and then aired on several networks.

Along with spectators from around the world, the Just for Laughs festival attracts a lot of producers, booking agents, talent scouts and managers from the entertainment industry. Performing at the festival is a great opportunity for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent and skills in front of a wide audience which includes seasoned industry professionals. Just for Laughs also runs a festival within the festival titled Comedy Pro. It is a four-day gathering for the biggest players in the comedy world.

Another notable project hosted by Just for Laughs is Comedia, a comedy film festival launched in 1996. It screens short and feature-length comedy films and gives awards for the best films.

Just for Laughs has an official mascot, a green horned monster named Victor that was designed by Italian Canadian artist Vittorio Fiorucci. Since 2007, Victor has had a wife named Rose.

In 2020, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Just for Laughs

Photo: hahaha.com




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