Vegan Festival Adelaide

Vegan Festival Adelaide
The Vegan Festival Adelaide is an annual food & lifestyle festival held in the city of Adelaide, South Australia since 2007. The event aims to celebrate and promote a vegan lifestyle. It is a family friendly and environmentally positive event run by a committee of dedicated volunteers.

The Vegan Festival Adelaide was founded in 2007 by Grace Love, a Polish-born chef, entrepreneur and author. She had lived and worked in Poland, Egypt and the United Kingdom before moving to Australia in 2006 to be with her partner Shane. Grace's interest in a vegan lifestyle prompted her to find people who shared her views. Supported by a group of like minded individuals, she founded the Vegan Festival in Adelaide that became one of the city's most successful festivals. The inaugural edition attracted 1,500 visitors. Today, it's attendance is over 10,000.

The Vegan Festival Adelaide a not-for-profit event that aims to educate about veganism in the aspects of health, sustainability, animal rights and the environment, to promote vegan products and a vegan lifestyle, to provide advice on going vegan, to demonstrate the scope of vegan cookery, and to promote active and healthy leaving. The festival isn't just about vegan food. It encourages to take action to make this world a better place by abstaining from the use of any animal products for the sake of our planet.

The festival features market stalls run by exhibitors which present vegan food, beverages and other products, vegetarian and vegan societies, and animal right groups. The program also includes different kinds of entertainment such as cooking demonstrations, workshops, live music, guest speakers from different countries, activities for children and more. All products displayed and sold at the festival are 100% vegan.

As we've already mentioned, the Vegan Festival is a family-friendly event for people of all ages. It's also a pet friendly event. Attendees are welcome to bring their four-legged pets as long as they are on leash at all times.

The Vegan Festival Adelaide is run by volunteers and supported by generous sponsors and animal rights groups. It is held every November in the heart of the city, Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga.

Vegan Festival Adelaide

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