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Mindburn, also known as the Austrian Burner Week or Burning Man Austria, is a regional Burning Man event that takes place every summer. Originally held in the area of Kornberg Castle, it moved to a site near the village of Thal in 2016.

Mindburn is a celebration of art, music, workshops, talks and discussions, games, performances, fun, and anything you can imagine. Like all Burning Man events, it is created by the participants for the participants. Each burner is expected to make their contribution to the festival, be it a performance, an art installation, a workshop, a camp, or just a warm and genuine smile that will make someone’s day brighter.

The program of Mindburn is made by its participants. Most events happen spontaneously, but burners who already have something in mind before the festival begins can contact the organizers so that they put their event on the list. Every participant can start a theme camp, present an art project, hold a workshop or a performance, offer other burners food or drinks. Participation is the only way to truly understand and experience Mindburn.

Just like the rest of Burning Man events, Mindburn is based on a number of principles. There are 10 original principles of Burning Man formulated by the festival’s co-founder Larry Harvey, but the organizers of Mindburn have left only five most important ones:

  • Participation. Mindburn is what its participants make it.
  • Self-expression. Everyone has the right to shine as they are.
  • Self-reliance. Everyone should create their own world.
  • No commerce. There’s nothing to buy at Mindburn, so don’t bother bringing money.
  • Leave no trace. From ashes to ashes – burners only leave footprints.

As we’ve already mentioned, the festival takes place near the small village of Thal in Styria. There is an indoor sleeping location in case of really bad weather (with no beds though), but most burners sleep in tents, vans, or under the open sky. The festival has very high ecological standards, so all participants are responsible for keeping the site safe and clean.


Photo: mindburn.at



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