London Art Fair

London Art Fair
The London Art Fair is the largest contemporary art fair in the United Kingdom. Its main focus is to discover, support and promote emerging British artists. At the market, art galleries and art dealers from all over the UK as well as from other European countries and the United States present contemporary works of art including paintings, sculptures, photographic works, installations, digital art, mixed art, and more.

The London Art Fair was founded in 1988. It is typically held at the Business Design Centre (former Royal Agricultural Hall) in the district of Islington. The fair annually launches the art world year, providing a supportive environment for artists and collectors of all levels.

The program of the London Art Fair features three principal sections. The main Fair showcases contemporary work from today’s leading artists alongside museum-quality Modern British art, bringing together the work of emerging talent and established artists. Its exposition covers the period from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

The second section is Art Projects. It is a curated showcase of the latest contemporary art from all over the world. The Art Project section is regarded as an important internet platform for new galleries to introduce a wide audience to the most challenging contemporary practice. It enjoys critical acclaim for its fresh and bold perspective. The section features large-scale installations, group displays and solo shows.

The third section of the London Art Fair is Photo50. This is a curated exhibition of contemporary photography which showcases exactly 50 works by different artists. The section focuses on examining some of the most distinctive elements of current photographic practice. Each edition of Photo 50 has its theme chosen by this year’s curator.

Alongside exhibitions, the program of the London Art Fair includes daily talks, tours, performances and interactive events which give context to the art exhibited at the fair and stimulate thought and discussion.

The London Art Fair is usually held in late January. The event attracts about 20,000 attendees including collectors, art critics, art connoisseurs, and members of the general public interested in contemporary art.

In 2021, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

London Art Fair




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