Québec City Comiccon

Québec City Comiccon
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Québec City Comiccon (Comiccon de Québec) is an annual pop culture convention that takes place in Québec City, Quebec, Canada. Along with Ottawa Comiccon, it is a spin-off of Montreal Comicon. All three events are organized by the same group of people. Québec City Comiccon caters to both anglophone and francophone fans.

Just like Comiccons in Ottawa and Montreal, Québec City Comiccon is dedicated to all genres and aspects of popular culture including comic books, science fiction, fantasy, horror, films, television shows, anime, manga, games, toys, collectibles, etc.

While sharing common traits with a lot of other fan conventions held all over the world, Québec City Comiccon differentiates itself by offering a variety of attractions designed for both anglophone and francophone attendees. One of its goals is to bridge the gap between American comics and European bande dessinée. Montreal Comiccon shares this policy because both events take place in the only Canadian province to have a predominantly French-specking population.

Québec City Comiccon is one of Canada’s “youngest” fan conventions. Its inaugural edition was held in 2014. The convention typically takes place in October. Unlike Comiccons in Montreal and Ottawa, it doesn’t have a smaller spin-off convention similar to Montreal Mini Con or Ottawa Pop Expo.

What does Québec City Comiccon programming has to offer? By and large, it is similar to that of other fan conventions because most festivals of this kind are modeled after San Diego’s Comic-Con International. The convention features the exhibition hall where exhibitors offer a plethora of products related to the pop culture universe, the Artist Alley, gaming tournaments and cosplay contests, panels and Q&As, workshops and seminars. Of course, there also are meetings, autograph sessions and photo ops with celebrity guests.

For instance, the celebrity guest list of the 2015 Québec City Comiccon included Lou Ferrigno (American bodybuilder and actor for playing the title role in the TV series The Incredible Hulk), The Honky Tonk Man (American professional wrestler) and James O’Barr (American graphic artist best known as the creator of the comic book series The Crow).

Québec City Comiccon

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