Edinburgh Mela

Edinburgh Mela
Photo: edinburgh-mela.co.uk
The Edinburgh Mela is an annual multicultural festival that takes place in Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh. It is one of about a dozen festivals that make up the Edinburgh Festival. It runs over thee days in late August or early September, attracting about 25,000 attendees each year.

“Mela” is a Sanskrit word that means “meeting” or “gathering”. In South Asia, the word mela is used to describe festivals, markets, fairs, religious gatherings, and other events that involve music, dance, stalls, food, and other entertainment. The tradition of melas has spread around the world thanks to South Asian immigrants.

The inaugural Edinburgh Mela Festival was held in 1995. It was organized by immigrants from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. They also invited Chinese, African, and other groups to participate in the event. The festival was held at Meadowbank Stadium, a multi-purpose sports facility in Edinburgh’s suburb of Meadowbank.

The Edinburgh Mela originally focused on South Asian culture in all its aspects and forms, including music, dance, theater, fashion, cuisine, etc. Over the years, it has expanded to celebrate the diverse culture of Scotland, as well as to foster mutual understanding between Scotland’s diverse and changing communities.

The Edinburgh Mela is one of the arts and cultural festivals that make up the famous Edinburgh Festival. Its main goal is to celebrate Edinburgh’s diverse communities and to make a statement about the multicultural nature of Scottish identity. The event offers a diverse program featuring local, national and international artists showcasing various cultures. The Edinburgh Mela is considered the largest festival in Scotland dedicated to cultural diversity.

The Edinburgh Mela festival features various events, activities, and attractions for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Its program includes concerts and shows on several stages, two of which are outdoors, food tastings and stalls, a special area with kids’ entertainment, and a shopping area where you can find traditional clothing, jewelry and accessories, handmade items, and more.

Edinburgh Mela

Photo: David P Scott Photography for Edinburgh Mela




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