Varna International Arts and Crafts Fair

Varna International Arts and Crafts Fair
The Varna International Arts and Crafts Fair, also known as Blugarika, is held every summer in the resort city and seaport of Varna, Bulgaria. It features more than 100 exhibitors and attracts over 30,000 attendees each year, which makes it the largest art fair in Bulgaria. The program of the fair usually includes over 30 different events.

The Varna International Fair of Arts and Crafts was founded in 1996. It is usually held in early August at the Seaside Garden, Varna's largest, oldest and best known park. The fair features artists and craftsmen from all over the country who showcase unique works made with great skill and talent. The program of Bulgarika also includes vocal and dance performances by folk groups.

Bulgarika offers an impressive selection of unique handmade goods made from various materials, including pottery, metalware, handmade textiles, clothes, shoes and accessories, paintings, icons, wood carvings, hand-crafted glass items, leatherware, rag dolls, carpets, jewelry, and more. Many craftsmen conduct practical demonstrations and eagerly answer questions about their craft (without giving away their trade secrets).

The Varna International Art and Craft Fair is a real celebration of folk music and dance in the marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria. The festival traditionally opens with a grand concert that takes place on the Seashell Stage in the Seaside Garden. The fair itself lasts for about three weeks, filled with exciting events and activities for attendees of all ages.

As we’ve already mentioned above, Bulgarika is more than just an arts and crafts exhibition. It offers a rich and diverse program that includes stage performances, workshops, special events for members of the Bulgarika art club, contests and competitions, and more. The last day of the fair is marked with a closing ceremony that includes the presentation of awards to contest winners and a concert.

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