Zagreb International Folklore Festival

Zagreb International Folklore Festival
The International Folklore Festival (IFF) is an annual folk music and dance festival held in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Founded in 1966, it is one of the largest cultural events in Central and Eastern Europe. The festival is dedicated to the ethnographic heritage of Croatia and neighboring countries with a special focus on the culture and traditions of ethnic minorities.

The Zagreb International Folklore Festival runs over five days in July, offering a rich and diverse program that comprises stage performances, exhibitions, workshops, and other events and activities. The main stage is located in Ban Jelačić Square, the central square of Zagreb known for its eclectic architectural ensemble. Performances also take place in several venues throughout the Upper Town (Gornji Grad–Medveščak) and in several cities and towns in Zagreb County.

Every year, the International Folklore Festival presents a special thematic program focused on the culture of a particular ethnographic region of Croatia or the Balkans. For example, the 2017 festival covered the ethnographic heritage of Pounje and Banovina. These areas have unique songs, dances, handicrafts and customs which are little known to the public.

Alongside the scheduled performances by singing and dancing groups representing this year’s region of choice, the IFF features performances by folklore groups and artists that showcase the diversity of the Croatian cultural heritage. Artists come from all over Croatia and abroad. Besides, about a dozen folklore groups present the culture of other nations from around the world. The festival has welcomed performers from Germany, Portugal, France, Canada, Peru, Macedonia, Spain, and other countries.

The program of the International Folklore Festival includes world music concerts, stage shows, dance and music workshops, meetings with performers, exhibitions, church folk signing, and other events and activities for attendees of all ages and backgrounds. For the duration of the festival, downtown Zagreb is transformed into a showcase of art and culture, offering a unique experience. It’s the ultimate celebration of rich ethnographic heritage you don’t want to miss!

Zagreb International Folklore Festival




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