Düsseldorf Christmas Market

Düsseldorf Christmas Market
Photo: weihnachtsmarkt-duesseldorf.com
The city of Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia is the seventh most populous city in Germany and one of the country’s most important economical, transport, cultural, and political centers as well as a major tourist attraction. No wonder that Düsseldorf hosts one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany and whole Europe. In fact, it hosts several of them. Düsseldorf’s main Christmas market is held on Market Square (Marktplatz) in the Old Town.

Marktplatz is the square in front of the town hall. It is the heart of the historic Old Town that locals call Altstadt. Marketplatz hosts both the largest Christmas market in the city and its main Christmas tree. By the way, Düsseldorf’s Christmas tree is traditionally shipped from Norway. About 30 meters high, it is bedecked with mesmerizing lights and festive decorations.

For a month and a half, Marktplatz transforms into a holiday village full of lights, music, laughter, and festive atmosphere. Casting a spell on Düsseldorf’s city center, the market turns it into a unique experience for all visitors, locals and tourists alike. It features several dozen of seasonally decorated huts where merchants offer unique handmade souvenirs and delicious holiday treats. And if you get cold, you can check out one of the Altstadt’s bars (the borough is known as “the longest bat in the world” due to its numerous bars and clubs).

At the market, you can buy traditional Christmas tree decorations, unique handcrafts (including exquisite glass souvenirs and Nutcrackers of all kinds), and plenty of tasty seasonal treats such as German sausages, traditional pastries, roasted chestnuts and almonds, gingerbread cookies, marzipan, candy. Hot chocolate and Glühwein (German mulled wine) will help to keep your warm.

Of course, a Christmas market can’t do without entertainment. At the market on Marktplatz craftsmen and craftswomen not only sell their works, they also conduct practical demonstrations to entertain interested visitors. A lovingly restored almost 100-year carousel is the attraction for visitors of all ages. Another major attraction is a hand-carved life-sized manger from Bethlehem. Live music and other performances keep visitors entertained until late in the evening.

The Christmas market on Marktplatz is the city’s main Christmas market, but it is not the only one. You can also visit the Little Angel Market (Engelchenmarkt) on Heinrich-Heine-Platz, the Little Star Market (Sternchenmarkt) at Stadtbrückchen, and Christmas markets on Flinger Straße, Jam-Wellem-Platz, Schadowplatz, and Schadowstraße.

Düsseldorf Christmas Market on Marktplatz

Photo: duesseldorf-tourismus.de




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