Whisky Dram

Whisky Dram
Although whisky is typically associated with Scotland and Ireland, this distilled alcoholic beverage is well-known and loved all over the world. Many countries host whisky festivals aimed to educate the general public about whisky and raise its profile among consumers. For example, Whisky Dram is a Ukrainian festival dedicated to single malt whisky.

Single malt whisky is whisky from a single distillery made from a fermented mash of malted barley. The word “single” indicates that all the spirits in the bottle come from a single distillery (as opposed to blended malt), and the word “malt” indicates that the whisky is distilled from malted barley (as opposed to grain whisky that can be distilled from any type of grain). Single malt whisky is associated with the Scottish tradition, but single malt distilleries exist in many countries, from Argentina to the United States.

Whisky Dram was launched to popularize single malt whisky in Ukraine. It is the country’s first large whisky festival and the only event that focuses solely on single malt whisky. Held in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, it features about 300 single malt varieties from 60 distilleries from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, India, Taiwan, and the United States.

According to the festival team, Whisky Dram is a meeting place for industry professionals, whiskey connoisseurs and collectors, whiskey lovers, and those who are just beginning to discover the exciting world of high-quality distilled beverages. The festival features whiskey tastings, lectures and workshops, presentations, meetings with manufacturers, and other events and activities dedicated to single malt whisky. In addition, there is a lounge bar where guests can sample unique whiskey-based cocktails made by renowned mixologists.

Whisky Dram introduces its audience to both well-known brands, such as Glenmorangie, Glenlivet, Macallan, Bruichladdich, Lagavulin, Talisker or Gordon&McPhail, and “new players” that aren’t yet very popular in the European market, for example, Asian brands Nikka, Kavalan, Amrut, and Chichibu. The festival also showcases special limited collections, whiskys from closed distilleries, and limited edition products from independent bottlers.

Whisky Dram is organized by Wine Bureau, a Ukrainian import and distribution company that specializes in the direct import of wines, distilled alcoholic beverages, beer, cider, non-alcoholic drinks, healthy food, and accessories from over 40 countries. The event takes place at Mystetskyi Arsenal, a museum and exhibition venue in the historical district of Kyiv.

Whisky Dram




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