International Computer Music Conference

International Computer Music Conference
The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) is an annual international conference for musicians, composers, researchers, psychologists, teachers, engineers, acousticians, and other professionals who are interested in the integration of music and technology.

The term “computer music” refers to music created and performed using computer technology. The first computer used to play music was CSIRAC, Australia’s first digital computer, in 1950. The music was never recorded, but it has been accurately reconstructed.

The International Computer Music Association (ICMA) was created to facilitate the development of computer music and unite individuals and institutions involved in the creative, technical, and performance aspects of this kind of music. The International Computer Music Conference is the Association’s flagship project that gathers musicians, composers and researchers from around the world.

The inaugural ICMC was held in 1974 at Michigan State University, East Lansing, United States. Originally the conference was hosted by various American universities, but since 1982 it has been held in another country every year. Past host countries have included Italy, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, China, Greece, Cuba, Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, and Australia. Some have hosted the conference more than once.

Conference attendees discuss various theoretical and practical issues concerning the use of computer equipment for creating and/or performing music. Each edition of the conference has had a new theme highlighting a certain aspect of the integration of music and technology. For example, the main theme of ICMC 2015 was “Looking Back, Looking Forward”. During the event, attendees analyzed the development of computer music throughout the past decades and attempted to predict its development in the future.

The program of the International Computer Music Conference includes the opening concert, panel discussions, workshops, presentations, demonstrations, and numerous performances. The program is carefully planned to create a perfect synthesis of science, technology, and the art of music.

International Computer Music Conference

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