Necronomicon Horror Festival

Necronomicon Horror Festival
Necronomicon is Ukraine's first horror convention. The event is managed and produced by the same team that organizes the Kyiv Comic Con. The festival was inspired by the success of the inaugural Comic Con and the fact that Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. It was launched in 2015.

The concept of a multi-genre fan convention is relatively new for former Soviet republics, although anime festivals are quite popular in Ukraine and its neighboring countries. The first ever Comic Con in Ukraine was held in June 2015. The event was such a success that its organizers decided to create another convention dedicated to all things horror. They named it Necronomicon in honor of a fictional grimoire that appears in the stories by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. Besides, the name contains the syllable “con” for “convention”.

The inaugural Necronomicon was intended to take place around Halloween, but the organizers had to postpone it until late November. But the wait was worth it. The first edition of Necromonicon had a rich and diverse program that featured video gaming tournaments, cosplay competitions, tabletop games, live music, dance and theatrical performances, book readings, fandom stalls, merchandise and more.

Besides, the team of Necronomicon organizes live quests which visitors can participate in to diversify their convention experience. Upon arriving at the convention, attendees get a mystery to solve and a set of tasks to complete. There are several quests to choose from, the first participants to complete all tasks and solve the mystery receive prizes.

Necronomicon is a two-day event. It is held at the International Convention Center Ukrainian House, the country’s largest exhibition center located in the heart of Kyiv.


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