International Moscow Tattoo Convention

International Moscow Tattoo Convention
A tattoo is more than just a form of body modification. It’s a form of art and a way of self-expression. A talented and skilled tattoo artist can create a masterpiece on a person’s body. Tattoo artists usually learn their craft by completing an apprenticeship under an experienced mentor and hone their skills by attending tattoo conventions. For example, International Moscow Tattoo Convention is a major event for tattoo artists and enthusiasts in Russia.

The International Moscow Tattoo Convention was founded in 2009. Its main goal is to promote the art and craft of tattoo, to debunk stereotypes associated with tattoos, and to provide a platform where tattoo artists from different countries can showcase their skills and exchange ideas with fellow tattooers.

The highlight of the convention is a three-day tattoo contest for artists from all over Russia and abroad. There are several competition categories such as Oriental Tattoo, Realism, Individual Tattoo, Portrait, New School (Neo-Traditional) Tattoo, Dotwork, Large Tattoo, Old School (Traditional) Tattoo, and Japanese Tattoo. At the end of each day, the Best of Day award is presented to the best tattoo from any of the categories. The Grand Prix of the convention is awarded at the closing ceremony.

Alongside the tattoo contest, the program of the convention includes live demonstrations, a large exhibition featuring tattoo artists and equipment suppliers, live music performances, lectures and workshops conducted by leading tattoo artists, creative spaces, and more. For tattoo enthusiasts, the International Moscow Tattoo Convention is a great place to meet tattoo artists, learn about their individual styles and even get a tattoo if the artist is available.

The International Moscow Tattoo Convention is an exciting combination of a tattoo contest, specialized trade fair and spectacular show for anyone interested in the art and craft of tattoo. The event takes place at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Contention Center.

International Moscow Tattoo Convention

Photo: Alexander Safronov




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