¡Viva España! Flamenco Festival

¡Viva España! Flamenco Festival
Photo: vivaespana.ru
¡Viva España! is an international flamenco festival held in Moscow, Russia. It considered one of the most important Spanish culture festivals in the capital of Russia. The festival was created to promote the art of flamenco which was declared one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The first flamenco festival in Moscow was organized in 2000 by four flamenco dance companies from Moscow and another one from Saint Petersburg. It was quite a modest event which didn’t even have its own name. However, it was decided to make it an annual event. The festival got its current name, ¡Viva España!, in 2004. That year featured a dozen dance companies and a number of amateur soloists. The following year, the festival was a real success. It received the support of the Department of Culture of the Embassy of Spain and went international.

Over the years, ¡Viva España! has become one of the most anticipated cultural events in Moscow. Its program features a dance contest for flamenco performers from all over the world, a concert program, flamenco workshops, parties, theatrical performances, and more. The festival attracts thousands of spectators who attend concerts featuring the best performers from Russia and other countries.

The competition of the International Flamenco Festival in Moscow is open for flamenco companies and soloists from around the world. All participants must be over 18 years old. The winners of the contest are awarded the Golden Centaurita award and a considerable monetary prize. As of 2016, the award is given in four categories: Best Flamenco Dance Soloist, Best Traditional Flamenco Interpretation, Best Contemporary Flamenco Interpretation, Best Musical Interpretation. All finalists get to participate in the gala concert.

Festival’s visitors can enjoy spectacular dance shows throughout the festival and the gala concert featuring the awards ceremony. Besides, there are workshops taught by world-renowned flamenco performers. ¡Viva España! is a multifaceted event aimed to promote Spain’s rich cultural heritage and establish a network of creative contacts between flamenco groups, companies and soloists from all over the world.

¡Viva España! Flamenco Festival

Photo: vk.com/fiestaflamenco