Race Horizon Park

Race Horizon Park
Photo: racehorizonpark.com
Race Horizon Park is an international cycling road race held in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. It is held every May, typically as part of the celebration of the Day of Kyiv that takes place over the last weekend of May. The event is included into the Europe Tour calendar of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

The tradition of cycling races along Khreshchatyk Street dedicated to the Day of Kyiv began over 60 years ago during the Soviet era. It was discontinued after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The race was revived in 2008 under a new name, Race Horizon Park. Three years later, the race was recognized by international cycling specialists and included into the UCI event calendar as part of Europe Tour, a series of road bicycle racing competitions held annually throughout Europe. Other Europe Tour events held in Ukraine include Tour of Ukraine, GP of Vinnytsia, GP of ISD, Tour de Ribas, and Odessa Grand Prix.

Race Horizon Park was named after the Horizon Park Business Center owned by the Ukrainian entrepreneur Alexander Bashenko, the president of the Cycling Federation of Ukraine. The event consists of three separate one-day races: Horizon Park Race for Peace, Horizon Park Race Maidan and Horizon Park Classic. It also includes Bicycle Day, a traditional parade of amateur cyclists.

Over the years, Race Horizon Park has become one of the most important sporting events in the Ukrainian capital as well as a major factor contributing to the development and promotion of bicycle racing in Ukraine. Each year it attracts teams from different countries (Ukraine, Sweden, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, China, Azerbaijan, the USA, Poland, and others) and thousands of enthusiastic spectators who cheer them up and enjoy the beauty of Kyiv in spring.

Race Horizon Park