Minsk International Tattoo Convention

Minsk International Tattoo Convention
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The Minsk International Tattoo Convention is the main tattoo event in Belarus. It is a meeting point for the best tattoo artists and studios from all over the country and abroad. Tattoo artists come here to showcase their skills, exchange experience with their colleagues, and try out the latest equipment showcased by exhibitors.

The history of the event began in 2008, when Minsk hosted a tattoo festival for the first time. The Minsk Tattoo Festival had a slightly different format and was discontinued after the second edition, leaving a void that would be later filled by the convention. The inaugural edition of the Minsk International Tattoo Convention was held in 2014. It gathered several dozen tattoo artists and studios from Belarus and Russia. The convention also featured body paint artists and exhibitors which presented tattoo equipment, clothes, and accessories.

The Minsk International Tattoo Convention isn’t just for tattoo artists. It welcomes everyone interested in tattoos, piercing, and body art. The convention’s main attraction is the Tattoo Contest. The best tattoos are chosen in several categories, such as Portrait, Realistic Tattoo, Large Tattoo, Cover-Up Tattoo, Color Tattoo, New School Tattoo, Old School Tattoo, Oriental Tattoo, Black & White Tattoo, and more. The best tattoo overall is awarded the convention’s Grand Prix.

Alongside the main competition, the convention features a wide range of events and attractions for visitors. They have a chance to observe the work of renowned tattoo artists, learn more about different tattoo styles and choose the one they like the most, and even get a tattoo right at the venue. Other attractions include the Tattoo Queen Contest, the Body Art Contest, the custom motorbike and bicycle show, the aerography showcase, and more.

The convention is held at the Minsk Sports Palace, one of the city’s largest indoor venues. It is organized by the tattoo studio DopeInk Tattoo and BODYTEC, a company that produces high-quality tattoo equipment.

Minsk International Tattoo Convention

Photo by Kirill Zil