International Motivational Film Festival

International Motivational Film Festival
The International Motivational Film Festival (IMFF), also known as Bridge of Arts, is an annual film festival held in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. It is a non-profit event that strives to promote the culture of the region. The key theme of the event is the passion for accomplishment and moving forward.

The International Motivational Film Festival in Rostov-on-Don was founded in 2014 and first took place from August 20–23, 2015. The festival is based on several key principles that include motivation for development, healthy lifestyle and co-operation. Although Bridge of Arts is first and foremost a film festival, it is a multi-format event that also includes a sports forum and a business platform.

The screening program of the IMFF includes Russian and international full-length and short films that reflect the main theme of the event, motivation. These can be films about hard work and accomplishments, about notable inventions, and even about love—as long as they inspire and motivate the viewers.

Bridge of Arts is a competitive film festival. The festival’s international jury presents awards in several categories, including Best Film, Fest Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, and Best Actor. In addition to the competition program, there are non-competitive film screenings that include family and children’s films, modern adaptations of classic literature, international panorama, and films about the Don region.

Another important part of the festival is the Bridges Sports Forum. The event features meetings with famous Russian and international athletes, sports competitions in various disciplines (street workout, parkour, powerlifting, and others), workshops for participants of all ages, and other activities (skateboarding, cycling, roller skating, etc.). The main goal of the forum is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage young athletes to achieve new heights.

Finally, the business forum is the third important part of the Bridge of Arts Festival. Key elements of its program are meetings with Russian and international industry professionals and public presentations of new projects. The program includes conferences, round tables and discussions, press events, workshops, pitching sessions, and more.

International Motivational Film Festival

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