Book Expo Australia

Book Expo Australia
Book Expo Australia is an annual book fair that takes place in Sydney, New South Wales and attracts thousands of avid book lovers from all over the country. It’s a place where national and international authors and publishers can meet and interact with readers. Every year, the exhibition features more than a hundred exhibitors.

The main goal of Book Expo Australia is to encourage Australians of all ages to read more. Besides, the event strives to introduce up-and-coming Australian authors to a wide audience and to acquaint Australian readers with international authors who aren’t well known in the country yet.

As we’ve already mentioned above, Book Expo Australia features more than a hundred exhibitors including national and international publishers, authors, self-published authors, publishing service producers, and companies that offer accessories for readers. Thousands of visitors wander the expo floor in search of something interesting, and everyone finds something just for them.

At Book Expo Australia, visitors can meet their favorite authors during various events. Some authors interact with attendees on publisher stands. The program also includes meet & greets, Q&A event, presentations, book readings, and workshops. Visitors can buy a signed copy of their favorite book or get their old and well-worn copy signed, join a panel and hear what inspires authors to write, how they cope with writer’s block, etc.

Attendees who are keen to write their own book or have already written one and want to get it published can participate in workshops and seminars where experts will guide them through the process and give valuable advice. Along with workshops, Book Expo Australia hosts conferences. For example, the 2016 exhibition featured the Book Bloggers Conference and the Convert to Concept conference (the latter was dedicated to getting your manuscript published).

Book Expo Australia is a family-friendly event. It features many events and activities for children under the age of 10. The youngest book loves can take part in interactive classes with illustrators and cartoonists, coloring and activity sheet with authors, treasure hunts, etc.

Book Expo Australia

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