3 Barons Renaissance Faire

3 Barons Renaissance Faire
Photo: 3barons.org
The 3 Barons Renaissance Faire is an annual renaissance festival held in the city of Anchorage, Alaska. The festival takes place on the first two full weekends in June, attracting people interested in medieval and Renaissance culture.

Renaissance fairs are a phenomenon largely confined to the United States. Arguably every state has at least one regular or semi-regular Renaissance fair running over several weekends. For example, Alaska hosts the Three Barons Renaissance Faire in early June. While Renaissance festivals can last for a month and more, Alaska’s fair runs for only two weekends, largely due to Anchorage’s cool summers. But even two weekends are enough to enjoy life in a fictional Renaissance village and have lots of fun.

The 3 Barons Renaissance Faire is set in a fictional village of Hillshire. It is named in honor of Hillthelstan the Bold. According to legend, he was a brave warrior who saved the village from a monster (some say it was a direwolf, some a giant bear, some a mythical creature) that terrorized the villagers for years, fouling the ground, raiding food stocks, and even carrying off animals and small children.

But Hillthestan didn’t fight the monster alone. Thee bold knights helped him kill the beast. They were the Barons Red, Green and Blue. At the 3 Barons Fair that honors Hillthestan’s combat, they compete for the privilege of winning the Spear of Hillthestan the Bold with which he dispatched the monster and holding it for the coming year. Villagers believe that a successful competition for the spear ensures prosperity for Hillshire.

During the festival, Hillshire is divided into three baronies, each has its own court and represents a particular culture. The Blue Barony is home to Ali Akbar Mohammet el Mut Amin the Magnificent, the Red Barony to Baron Dante Chevilario, and the Green Barony to Baron Charles Drake II. They represent Arab culture, Venice and Tudor England respectively. Each Barony hosts unique entertaining activities for visitors of all ages.

The 3 Barons Renaissance Faire also has a large food and craft market featuring about 40 different vendors who offer handcrafted items and delicious foods. Some of the entertainment highlights happening at the fair include a live action chess game, a tavern battle between pirates and wenches, peasant dancing, the Tomato Show, and Circus of the Damned. The towns people of Hillshire portray an eccentric array of characters and entertain the attendees all day long, providing an authentic and family-friendly environment.

3 Barons Renaissance Faire

Photo: Frank Kovalchek




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