Lviv Chocolate Festival (National Feast of Chocolate)

Lviv Chocolate Festival (National Feast of Chocolate)
Once a luxury, chocolate has become one of the most popular food types in the world. In many countries, there even are chocolate festivals designed to celebrate chocolate and to support chocolate manufacturers. For example, Ukraine has been hosting the annual Lviv Chocolate Festival for over a decade.

The Ukrainian city of Lviv once was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it is probably then that its chocolate and coffee culture started to develop. While the country’s largest confectionery manufacturers are headquartered in Kyiv, Lviv is known for its craft chocolate. No wonder that it is Lviv that hosts the biggest chocolate festival in Ukraine, known as the Lviv Chocolate Festival or the National Feast of Chocolate.

The inaugural National Feast of Chocolate was held in 2006. The self-proclaimed sweetest feast in Ukraine attracts the best chocolate manufacturers and chocolatiers from all over the country. Festival visitors have a great opportunity to taste delicious and unusual chocolate, confections and chocolate-based drinks, attend various workshops, and even buy chocolate souvenirs.

For chocolate and confectionery manufacturers, the Lviv Chocolate Festival is a platform where they can present new products and network. For the general public, it is the place where they can learn more about the history of chocolate and chocolate culture, sample various kinds of chocolate and confections, and simply have a good time.

The National Feast of Chocolate in Lviv features a chocolate market where manufacturers and chocolatiers offer an impressive selection of the finest products, chocolate tastings and workshops, interactive presentations, impressive chocolate sculptures, dance, music and theatre performances, and more. There’s also a special area for children named Chocolate Country where kids can learn about chocolate and even make confections themselves.

In addition, the festival hosts an annual contest for amateur confectioners. All you need in order to participate is believe in yourself and make a dessert that will be judged by a professional jury.

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