Sorochyntsi Fair

Sorochyntsi Fair
The Sorochyntsi Fair, also known as the Sorochynsky Fair, is the largest and most famous traditional fair in Ukraine. Neither the oldest nor the largest fair in Ukraine, it became famous thanks to Nikolai Gogol’s short story The Fair at Sorochyntsi from the collection Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka.

In the 19th century, the Sorochyntsi Fair was one of 12,000 fairs that operated in Ukraine. It was held five times a year. Following the formation of the Soviet Union in 1922 and the adoption of a planned economy, all Ukrainian fairs were discontinued. The revival of traditional fairs began in the 1960s during the so-called Khrushchev Thaw.

The Sorochyntsi Fair was revived in 1966 and has been held every year ever since. It featured producers from the Poltava Oblast (province), other regions of Ukraine and even other Soviet Republics. Although the event went through a rough patch after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and subsequent economic and political crisis in Ukraine, today it is one of the most important trade fairs in Ukraine as well as one of the country’s largest cultural events.

The fair is held in the village of Velyky Sorochyntsi near Poltava. It usually takes place around the last weekend in August, running over five days. It was declared Ukraine’s national fair in 1999 by a Presidential Decree.

The Sorochyntsi Fair is a mix of a trade fair and a cultural festival. At the heart of the fair lies a large showcase of traditional handicrafts including Opishnya pottery, Reshetilivka embroidery, traditional clothing and accessories, Easter eggs (pysanky), hand-carved wooden items, and more. Farmers offer high-quality fresh produce such as honey, baked goods, wine, and more. Local artisans conduct live demos for anyone interested in traditional crafts.

The program of the fair includes theatrical shows, traditional music and dance, art & craft workshops, historical re-enactments, food and drink tastings, and other exciting events and activities for visitors of all ages. The Sorochyntsi Fair is one of major tourist destinations in Ukraine, and you definitely need to attend it should you visit the country in August.

Sorochyntsi Fair




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