Highland Renaissance Festival

Highland Renaissance Festival
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Renaissance festivals, also known as Renaissance fairs, are very popular in the United States. Typically set in a fictional English village during the Elizabethan era, they attract thousands of people interested in medieval and Renaissance culture. Probably every state in the US has its own regular or semi-regular Renaissance fair. For example, Kentucky hosts the Highland Renaissance Festival.

Founded in 2005, the Highland Renaissance Festival is run by Kentucky Renaissance Fair, LLC. It is the oldest permanent Renaissance festival in Kentucky. The event takes place on former farmland in the city of Eminence. The land is also used for other events such as Celtic Festival & Highland Games and Dickens Christmas Festival.

While most Renaissance fairs are set in Elizabethan England, the Highland Renaissance Festival is an exception. Just like its name suggests, the event is set in the Highlands of Scotland, to be more precise, in a fictional village of Briarwood during the rule of Robert the Bruce who was King of Scots from 1306 to 1329. A national hero of Scotland, Robert fought successfully to regain his country’s independence from England. A cast of actors reenacts life as it would have been in early 14th century Scotland.

The Highland Renaissance Festival is a family-friendly event packed with exciting activities and entertainment. It hosts a big fair featuring artisans and vendors who offer an impressive selection of hand-crafted items. Food and drinks are provided by inns and pubs which serve both authentic Scottish dishes and modern food.

The program of the festival features stage entertainment including musicians performing original and historical songs, a circus-style sideshow, storytelling, a mud show, jousting, and more. There’s also a Renaissance-themed science show, fairground rides, art and craft demonstrations, games for visitors of all ages, and other fun activities.

Highland Renaissance Festival

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