Florida Renaissance Festival

Florida Renaissance Festival
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The Florida Renaissance Festival is an annual festival that gives its attendees a unique opportunity to live a day in 16th century England. It’s a fun family event for all ages featuring several dozen artisans and performers, a wide range of entertaining activities, food and drink, games and contests, and more.

Florida’s Renaissance Festival has been held in the city of Deerfield Beach since 1993. It takes place every year in February and March, including President’s Day, attracting about 90,000 visitors per season. Like most other Renaissance fairs, it is open weekends only.

What does the Florida Renaissance Festival have to offer? Its program is rich and diverse, there is something for everyone! You should probably start your acquaintance with the festival by attending the crafts village where over 100 artisans and merchant sell their wares. Here you can find wooden toys, hammered pewter, unique pottery, glass blowing, authentic clothing, and more.

If you’ve come to the festival looking for entertainment, you won’t be disappointed. There are twelve stages to keep you entertained. Over 100 performers including minstrels, dancers, magicians, jesters, sword fighters and more create a festive atmosphere and amaze attendees with their skills and talent.

The program of the festival features a variety of practical demonstrations and real-life re-enactments of life in the 16th century. Skilled artists demonstrate their talents in painting, jewelry making, glass blowing, and other arts and crafts. And of course a Renaissance fair can’t do without spectacular jousting tournaments.

Themed weekends are one of the most beloved Renaissance fair traditions. The Florida Renaissance Festival supports this tradition, giving its visitors an opportunity to discover new dimensions of entertainment. For example, the 2017 edition of the festival featured the following themed weekends: Swashbucklers & Sirens (Pirates), Time Travelers (Steampunk), Carnival Masquerade, Bodacious Bodices (Wenches), Taste of the Festival, Kilts & Colleens (Celtic), and Vikings Barbarian (Vikings).

The festival also presents School Day Program and Scout Program. Both programs welcome children to step back in time to learn more about Renaissance. Attractions for adults include Pub Crawl which is held twice a day. It is hosted by Captain Buck Kinnear who regales participants with historical tidbits, bawdy toasts, and fun games and contests. And for the youngest visitors there’s Kids’ Kingdom.

Florida Renaissance Festival

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