AnimeJapan is one of the largest anime conventions and trade fairs in Japan, alongside Comiket. Although it was founded not so long ago (the inaugural edition took place in 2014), it has quickly become a major attraction for anime and manga fans from all over Japan and abroad, attracting over 100,000 visitors.

AnimeJapan was created from the merger of two anime trade fairs, the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) and the Anime Contents Expo (ACE). Both were among the largest anime trade fairs in the world, so their merger was designed to create something even bigger. During its first year, AnimeJapan featured over 100 exhibitors and attracted more than 111,000 attendees, which was more than the record attendance of either the TAF or the ACE.

AnimeJapan is held at Tokyo Big Sight, officially known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, which is Japan’s largest convention and exhibition center. The show is organized by the AnimeJapan Executive Committee made up of 19 companies including anime, manga and game retailers, media distributors, record companies, video game developers, animation studios, and the like.

The exhibition is divided into three main areas. They are Main Area, Creation Area, and Business Area. Main Area is the largest one. It hosts leading anime-related companies and organizations as well as other other exhibitors. It is in the Main Area where all stage programs, exhibitions, contests, and other events are held. The area includes exhibit spaces, three big stages (Green Stage, Blue Stage, Red Stage), a food court, Cosplayer’s World, and a family area entitled Family Anime Fiesta.

Creation Area is located inside the main area. It includes Seminar Stage and Production Works Gallery. The stage hosts creator workshops where top anime creators give face-to-face advice and business seminars for professionals which are also open to the general public. The gallery showcases actual production materials to inspire up-and-coming anime creators.

Finally, Business Area is designed to advance the business side of anime. It is held for two weekdays in the venue’s Conference Tower to create a more accommodating environment for both exhibitors and attendees. Unlike seminars in Creation Area that are open to everyone, all events in Business Area are industry-only.

AnimeJapan is an exciting experience for anime lovers. It helps them discover and love anime even further, gives them an opportunity to enjoy anime with their friends and to see all kinds of stage events, and even presents a range of new business opportunities.





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