Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair

Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair
Photo: havasuballoonfestival.com
Most hot air balloon festivals are held during the warm time of the year. While the balloons themselves can fly well in cold air, the ability to fly hot air balloons in winter is limited by the ability of the participants to withstand the cold. That’s why wintertime balloon festivals are mostly held in locations with a warm climate. For example, the annual Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair is held in Lake Havasu City, Arizona that has a hot desert climate.

Lake Havasu City is located in the Mojave Desert and can thus boast of a hot climate. The city has extremely hot summers, so it would be unwise to hold a balloon festival in summer, while average winter temperatures allow to enjoy outdoor events comfortably.

The Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair was founded in 2011. Despite being relatively young in comparison to some major balloon festivals, such as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta or the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, it features an impressive number of balloons and has a diverse entertainment program.

The festival features regular balloons, sport balloons, special shape balloons and corporate balloons. Its program includes all activities typical for hot air balloon festivals such as hot air balloon mass ascensions which take place every morning (weather permitting), balloon night glows, sky diving, airshows, special shape balloons, and more. For visitors who want do more than simply watch, there are tethered and untethered balloon rides and a walk-in balloon.

Although the Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair focuses on ballooning, its program features a plethora of other events and activities for attendees of all ages (that’s why it is called “festival and fair”). They include exciting carnivals rides, a fire, police & emergency vehicle display, an antique & classic care exhibition, a paper balloon launch, live art demonstrations, live entertainment, dog shows, kite shows, and more.

The festival has a big non-profit impact, supporting a number of local charities and striving to improve the lives of people in Lake Havasu City.

Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair

Photo: havasuballoonfest.com




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