International Music Day Date in the current year: October 1, 2024

International Music Day International Music Day is annually celebrated on October 1. This observance was initiated by Lord Yehudi Menuhin, an outstanding American violinist and conductor. The first events celebrating the holiday took place on October 1, 1975 and they were organized by the International Music Council.

The International Music Council was founded by UNESCO in 1949, since 1975 it annually hosts International Music Day, that is a greatest music festival, held in various cities across the world. Roughly 150 countries worldwide organize free concerts, where people can enjoy music and appreciate its importance in everyday life.

Another traditional event on International Music Day include talent shows to seek new emerging musicians. People attend free exhibitions, dedicated to music. Local authorities may order a few minutes of silence, stopping traffic and other activities that pollute sound environment of the city, to enjoy listening to music in silence.

There is another great event that is also dedicated to music – World Music Day, or Fête de la Musique, that is annually organized in the cities around the world on June 21.

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