Indonesian Doctor Day Date in the current year: May 20, 2019

Indonesian Doctor Day Indonesian medical professionals celebrate their professional holiday on May 20. Indonesian Doctor Day (Hari Bakti Dokter Indonesia) was established by the Indonesian Doctor Society in 2008 to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the formation of Budi Utomo.

The history of Indonesian Doctor Day dates back to March 1902, when a medical school named STOVIA (School tot Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen – “School for the Training of Native Physicians”) opened in the city of Batavia (now Jakarta). It was the first medical school in the Dutch West Indies that focused on training medical professionals from among local residents.

On May 20, 1908, several STOVIA students and Dr. Wahidin Soedirohoesodo, a retired government physician, founded the first native cultural and political society in the Dutch West Indies named Budi Utomo. Originally aimed at improving culture and education among the public, it eventually became one of the main driving forces behind the Indonesian National Awakening.

The founding anniversary of Budi Utomo is officially celebrated as the Day of National Awakening in Indonesia since 1948. In 2008, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the organization, it was also declared Indonesian Doctor Day to emphasize the contribution of STOVIA students to the Indonesian National Awakening and the country’s independence.

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