Saint Mel’s Day in Ireland Date in the current year: February 7, 2024

Saint Mel’s Day in Ireland Saint Mel is one of the most venerated Irish saints, along with the primary patron saint of Ireland Saint Patrick, Saint Brigid of Kildare, and Saint Columba. His feast day is observed on February 7. Relatively recently, it has begun to be observed as a holiday for single people.

Saint Mel was the son of Saint Darerca, a sister of Saint Patrick. Together with his brothers Rioch, Munis and Melchu, he accompanied his uncle to Ireland to help Patrick with his missionary work there. Originally a traveling missionary, Mel became head of the Diocese of Ardagh after Saint Patrick had built the church there.

Saint Mel supported himself through manual labor and gave to the poor everything he gained beyond bare necessities. He is known as the person who accepted Saint Brigid’s profession as a nun and served as her mentor while she stayed at the monastery of Ardagh.

Saint Mel’s Day is mainly observed in County Longford where he was the first bishop. Recently, some people has begun to celebrate it as a holiday for single people, a sort of Valentine’s Day counterpart. On this day, singles celebrate the good things about being single. Traditions include hosting parties for singles and sending yourself greeting cards.

By the way, Saint Mel’s Day isn’t the only holiday in the world dedicated to celebrating singleness. Alternatives include Singles Awareness Day (February 14), Singles’ Day in China (November 11) and Black Day in South Korea (April 11).

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