Singles Awareness Day Date in the current year: February 14, 2024

Singles Awareness Day Singles Awareness Day, also known as Singles Appreciation Day, is a humorous holiday that serves as an alternative to Valentine's Day for people who are not involved in a romantic relationship. It is celebrated on February 14 or 15.

On February 14, couples from around the world celebrate Valentine's Day, the holiday of romantic love. People who are single (by choice or by chance) often feel left out. Single Awareness Day was created for single people to gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status.

Some people observe it in spite for Valentine's Day as a Hallmark holiday and some to demonstrate that being in a relationship is not the only condition for happiness. Common activities held on Singles Awareness Day include traveling, treating oneself to gifts and fun activities, meeting with family and friends, etc. Many people wear green as the opposite of red or black as an absence of color.

Some people celebrate Singles Appreciation Day in February 14 so that it coincides with Valentine's Day, and some prefer to hold celebration the following day. Similar holidays dedicated to singles exist in China (Single's Day, November 11) and South Korea (Black Day, April 14).

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