National Engineer's Day in Uruguay Date in the current year: October 12, 2024

National Engineer's Day in Uruguay National Engineer's Day is celebrated in Uruguay every year on October 12. This date was chosen to commemorate the graduation of the first Uruguayan engineers in 1892.

The first three engineers of Uruguay graduated from the Republic University in 1892. These students would later become outstanding and important people in the history of Uruguay. They were José Serrato, the 24th President of Uruguay from March 1, 1923 to March 1, 1927, Eduardo García de Zúñiga, civil engineer specializing in bridge and road construction, and civil engineer Pedro Magnou.

This event became a turning point in the history of the development of Uruguay, that's why it's celebrated as National Engineer's Day. Today the Uruguayan engineers are honored for their achievements and contributions made to modernize the country and improve the things we use every day to make them easier and safer. Their work is very hard, because it requires the knowledge in the different fields, such as environmental protection, science, technology etc. We have to remember this and honor their work, that is one of the most important for life in a sustainable society.

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