Teachers' Day in Uruguay Date in the current year: September 22, 2024

Teachers' Day in Uruguay Almost every holiday celebrated across the world has its history or commemorates certain persons or events. However, there are some holidays, that can't boast specific history, and among them is Teachers' Day in Uruguay.

Teachers' Day is celebrated in Uruguay every year on September 22. There is no information, why this date was chosen, may be just because it's close to Students' Day, that is celebrated in Uruguay on September 21.

Every year students organize special festivals for their teachers to celebrate their professional holiday. They prepare cultural events that include dances and competitions. Teachers receive many greeting cards and small gifts. Teachers say, that they love reading messages from their students. Schools, that are situated near beaches, organize special beach parties. They are inexpensive and become trendy.

Many teachers in Uruguay suffer excessive weight, that's why some schools organize sport competitions to celebrate Teachers' Day. Teachers have to sweat a lot to win the competitions. Such events also become very popular across the country.

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