Mabon Date in the current year: September 22, 2024

Mabon Mabon is a Pagan festival, that is connected with autumn equinox. This is a ritual of thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth.

The Celts began to celebrate the autumnal equinox, as well as spring equinox Ostara, only after invasion of the Scandinavians to England. The modern name “Mabon” was coined by Aidan Kelly in the 1970s as a reference to the Welsh character Mabon ap Modron.

Mabon is one of the Pagan harvest festivals. It's proceeded by Lughnasadh and followed by Samhain. Different rituals are performed to thanks earth for its fruits and gifts. Traditionally people show the best vegetables, fruits and grains and later eat them. Preparations to the winter also begin on this day.

Many people traditionally spend autumnal equinox in the woods gathering fallen leaves to decorate houses. According to another tradition, people climb the hills to spend more time with the summer sun, thus to prepare for cold winter.

Festival of Mabon also symbolizes liberation from the past and old. The deceased women should be commemorated on this day.

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