Ostara Date in the current year: March 20, 2024

Ostara Ostara is one of the pagan festivals, that is held up to date. It's also another name for celebration of the spring equinox.

The ancient Celts hadn't celebrated the spring equinox, this tradition appeared only after the conquest of Britain by Germanic tribes in the 5th-6th centuries. The name Ostara was mentioned for the first time in the 1840s by German philologist and folklorist Jakob Grimm.

Ostara (or Ēostre) is an ancient Germanic divinity of the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature. Ostara is associated with the goddess of the dawn, whose image is found in many mythologies.

Christian name of the holiday Easter in the Germanic languages also derives from Ostara. For instance, it's Easter in English, Ostern in German, as well as the word "east" in many Germanic languages.

Ostara is one of the two days of the year when day and night duration are equal. After the end of the festival the days become longer, and the nights shorter. Many cultures consider the spring equinox as the day of nature rebirth or return of the gods of fertility.

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