Engineer's Day in Argentina Date in the current year: June 16, 2024

Engineer's Day in Argentina Engineer's Day is an Argentinian professional holiday, that is annually observed on June 16. This holiday celebrates the day, when Luis Augusto Huergo became the first engineer in Argentina.

Luis Huergo was born in Buenos Aires on November 1, 1837. He obtained secondary education at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Back in Argentina he assisted urbanist Pedro Benoit and planned the first road to harbor Ensenada. He earned degree as a surveyor from the Topography and Geodesics School and was among the first students who enrolled to the School of Engineering established by the President of the University of Buenos Aires. Four years later Huergo became the first engineer in Argentina, that occurred on June 16, 1866.

Luis Huergo designed numerous flood control projects, 120 railroad bridges and harbor in San Fernando. His achievements were essential in the development of his county's ports.

Engineer's Day shouldn't be confused with another Argentinian holiday, Engineering Day. This is also professional holiday, but it's observed on June 6.

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