Engineering Day in Argentina Date in the current year: June 6, 2024

Engineering Day in Argentina Engineering Day in Argentina is celebrated on June 6 each year. It should not be confused with Engineer's Day which is observed on June 16.

Argentina's Engineering Day honors Luis Augusto Huergo, a prominent Argentine civil engineer who is primarily remembered for developing ports. It commemorates the day that Huergo graduated from the School of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires in 1970. He was among the first class to enroll at the School created in 1966. Huergo graduated with a thesis on the value of roads.

Huergo's first major work was the port of La Boca, which was the first modern port in Buenos Aires. The port opened in 1880. Several years tarter, he doubled the capacity of the San Roque reservoir and then designed Puerto Belgrano, the country's first deep-water port. Huergo worked outside Argentine as well; for instance, he designed the port of Asunción in Paraguay. Luis Huergo also co-founded several scientific organizations and worked as a university professor.

Luis Huergo is often referred to as Argentina's first engineer, no wonder the country's Engineering Day is dedicated to him.

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