Children's Day in Guatemala and El Salvador Date in the current year: October 1, 2024

Children's Day in Guatemala and El Salvador Guatemala and El Salvador celebrate Children's Day on October 1, as well as in Sri Lanka. This holiday is called Día del niño and children eagerly wait for this day.

Celebration of Children's Day in Guatemala and El Salvador has alike traditions. Governmental and non-governmental institutions organize various events and activities, children also have special concerts at schools.

Traditional event for all Latin America countries is breaking piñatas full of candies and toys. This game is organized everywhere – at schools, in parks and communities centers all over the country. Children also play different games and enjoy sweets, cakes and exchange small gifts and candies with each other. Clown performances are also sometimes organized to the delight of children.

Many children of Guatemala and El Salvador live in a calamity, that is why celebration of this holiday is a good opportunity for them to forget about their way of life. Many national and international organizations on children's rights start charity events on this day.

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