Children's Day in Sri Lanka Date in the current year: October 1, 2024

Children's Day in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka celebrates Children's Day annually on October 1. Celebration of this holiday raises public awareness about rights of children.

The UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1989 and it entered into force on September 2, 1990. Sri Lanka, as well as other member states signed the Convention, that laid foundation for creation of Children's Day in this country. However, the choice of the date, when the holiday is celebrated, is not clear. But at the same time this holiday is very important for people of Sri Lanka. Children are the key to prosperity and better future of the nation and the country. Taking care of children helps the state to raise its economy to new level.

Many events are organized for celebration of Children's Day in Sri Lanka. Government and non-governmental institutions organize various competitions, entertaining events and games for children, who also receive gifts for participation. Newspapers, radio and television have also an opportunity to pay more attention to children and dedicate more programs and articles to them and their problems.

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