Mother's Day in Albania and Laos Date in the current year: March 8, 2024

Mother's Day in Albania and Laos Many countries celebrate International Women's Day on March 8. But there are some countries, that celebrate Mother's Day on the same day, for instance, in Laos and Albania.

Albania and Laos supported the Communist regime of the Soviet Union and celebrated International Women's Day on March 8, as well as many other republics. But later both countries changed their political course, that is why International Women's Day was changed to Mother's Day. Although the holidays have different names, their essence is the same: honoring all women, who are already or will be mothers some day.

Many former republics of the Soviet Union also celebrate Mother's Day on March 8, but its celebration is mostly connected to International Women's Day. Among them are Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria.

Like in many other countries, Mother's Day in Laos and Albania is not a non-working holiday, but this doesn't affect the celebration and enjoyment of the holiday.

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