Ecologist's Day in Kazakhstan Date in the current year: June 5, 2024

Ecologist's Day in Kazakhstan June 5 is Ecologist's Day in Kazakhstan. This is an official professional holiday of those Kazakhs, who dedicated their lives to protection and reservation of unique Kazakhstan's nature.

Ecologist's Day in Kazakhstan was established by Presidential Decree in 2011, when the list of professional holidays in Kazakhstan was renewed. This is not a non-working holiday.

Observance of Ecologist's Day is tightly connected to establishment of the United Nations observance World Environment Day. Since world observance annually takes place in different cities and countries, government of Kazakhstan foresaw a special day, when ecological issues would raise public awareness. Different informational and educational activities are organized.

Kazakhstan boasts a unique environment and nature, that is preserved in numerous national parks. The most popular and interesting parks are Altyn-Emel National Park (mostly consists of desert and rocky terrain, contains the singing sand), Bayanaul National Park (the very first Kazakhstan's national park), Ile-Alatau National Park (situated in the mountains) and Karkaraly National Park.

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